Date: Aug 26

Mood: Carpal Tunnel

Listening to: Rain

Should be: Packing

I leave my parents’ house in exactly 24 hours.
My bags are about half-packed, with some laundry in the dryer and my mom panicking about health insurance. I already have health insurance, but there’s another card the CEA (center for education abroad) included in their program, that they want me to print, that won’t print. Ah, technology.

The worst part so far has been saying goodbye to my boyfriend, Kyle. We’re a long-distance relationship anyways, but thanks to megabus and weekends, we’ve been able to hang out and see each other once a month or so since we’ve been dating. Unfortunately, the trip from Prague to the Wisconsin Dells isn’t just a 4-hour bus ride, and certainly costs more than $20 round trip (my average bus fare) so we won’t be seeing each other until December. Thanks to the powers of the internet we’ll be able to talk and video chat, but it’s not the same. Oh well.

I’m used to saying goodbye to my friends- I went to boarding school for high school, so I saw some friends for ~9 months of the year, and others for the other 3. Same thing for college. I love writing letters and it’s never ‘goodbye,’ it’s ‘see you later.’

Packing also isn’t that stressful for me. I’ll add in pictures later, but right now it looks like I’m bringing one hiking backpack and one roll-aboard suitcase, checking the suitcase and carrying on the backpack, of course. I’m guessing other kids in my group will have more baggage, and I’m gonna be doing laundry and wearing stuff over again more often than them, but that’s okay by me. I’d rather have a limited wardrobe than have to keep track of multiple bags and carry and drag them everywhere.

A week or two ago I got information about my roommates, and we found each other on Facebook. There are three of us, presumably sharing a bedroom, in an apartment in the Vinohrady district of Praha. We’re all excited, and we all arrive at different times so the move-in process is going to be a little chaotic, to say the least. Oh well. As my high school said, function in disaster, finish in style.

I still don’t speak much Czech. I’ve been going over the first two chapters of the ‘teach yourself’ book I got, but it doesn’t compare to practice in the real language. I have no idea if I’m pronouncing anything right. I’m not that worried, to be honest.

Let’s get this show on the road! Praha, here I come!


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