So I know I should be writing more Holocaust memorial stuff and/or doing homework for my actual classes, but I was fooling around with the ‘stats’ widget on WordPress and have just one question:

WHO IS READING MY BLOG FROM NORWAY?! Whoever you are, you’re awesome; I can explain all the other countries, I have facebook friends from Australia and a cousin in Ukraine (at least that’s who I assume the Ukrainian reader is) but I don’t think I know anyone in Norway! My goodness!
And even for you boring ol’ Americans, thanks for reading (:
…and seriously, guys, comment. Even if I get like, one comment that says my post made you think or makes you want to travel or I used the wrong form of ‘your,’ I’ll know folks are reading and I’ll try even harder to do better ❤


One thought on “…and viewers like you!

  1. *Obligatory comment to prove I’m reading, though sadly, not from Norway*

    I actually got sent the link to your post on soccer by my mother, which was entertaining, and not terribly unlike my experience at a DC United game some years ago. The Auschwitz posts are thoroughly chilling. I’ll try to keep up.

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