Date: 9/25
Location: Vinohrady
Listening to: “Dani California” stuck in my head
Weather: Pleasant

I know I should get on with parts 2 and 3 of my Holocaust blog saga (I actually noticed last night that I covered all of Auschwitz 1 EXCEPT the gas chamber/crematorium… whoops) but I’m simply not in the mood. So, this entry will cover the rest of my weekend in Poland. We stayed in a hotel in the south side of Krakow, a city that I had never visited or really considered visiting, but I ended up loving. My paternal grandmother’s side of the family is from a town an hour south of Krakow, so I couldn’t help a feeling of… well, ‘motherland,’ I guess. The vibe was more friendly than Prague, and of course the architecture was beaaauuuutiful.

I regret that I won’t be able to tell you too much about the sights and buildings we saw; some of my pictures were taken while I was wandering around by myself or with a few friends, just going, “oh, that’s pretty, take a picture.” So I don’t necessarily know the background stories. Here’s a pretty church at night [1]. There is a church that I DO know a little more about, though, [2] it’s the Wawel Cathedral [3], where most of the old Polish monarchy were crowned. Now, just like Prague Castle’s many cathedrals, it’s a popular site for weddings, or at least wedding photography… [4] The cathedral, just like Prague Castle’s cathedral, is sort of part of a huge castle complex, where there are a lot of different buildings and architectural styles. This courtyard [5] has pillars in one style on the ground floor, and another on the second floor. Oh, and because it’s Poland and the country is 90% Catholic, of course you’re going to run into Pope John Paul II everywhere [6]. I’m also not sure what these gentlemen in capes were doing [7] but they looked very official.

The rest of the castle is done in various [8] architectural [9] styles [10.] Did I mention that Pope John Paul II guy? He’s literally everywhere [11]. Here are some saints, [12] too. Maybe next time I go to Krakow (and there WILL be a next time) I’ll actually write down which churches are which- they’re on almost every corner, just like Nashville. [13] [14]

Then there’s the main square. Every night of our Krakow visit, we somehow ended up there, to eat, to check out the clubs nearby, or just to wander and take it all in. Here are some day pictures [15] [16] [17] [18] The cathedral in the square is where the famous Trumpeter of Krakow was shot mid-bugle, and for some reason there was a guy in costume, reenacting it when we visited. [19]

We ate pierogi [20] and something my Polish friend identified as ‘Gołąbki’ [21]. It was good.

And to finish up this disjointed, picture-full blog entry, I give you a creepy head statue at night [22] and a random gorgeous street [23]. Oh, and another view of Wawel castle I forgot earlier. [24] Hopefully some of these sights explain why I want to live in Krakow someday!


3 thoughts on “Poland’s Royal City

  1. It’s all? Geeez, you have to go back to Kraków more than just once, so many things to see: couple of museums (with Schindler Factory and Underground Main Square), jewish district called Kazimierz with the best pubs and fast-food (zapiekanki) in Kraków, magical district Podgórze with great park and secesial buildings. I didn’t mention surrounding area which is just amazing (with Wieliczka salt mine, Ojców National Park, Tatry mountains and so on!)! Just next time, take me as a guide there ;). I’m soooo cheap, just a beer :P.

    • Hey man, we were only there for a weekend X3 I want to go back, I just don’t know if I have time this semester. I’m also considering Warsaw because my grandmother visited there in the 80s and I would like to re-take some of her pictures, but it looks like a long train ride.

      • Warsaw is awfull, terrible. Don’t go there. Better visit Wroclaw which is close from Prague. I will be going also to Torun via Wroclaw in November, you can go with me.

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