Date: 11/20
Location: Still Praha
Mood: Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sore throat is almost gone though!
Listening to: Atreyu. The hokej game put me in a metal mood.

Hey guys this will be a short one because I have miles to go before I sleep.

I wrote another post for the CEA MOJO blog but it’s rather similar to part of my Two-Day Prague Tour from this blog a little bit ago. There’s only so many ways to walk around this city! No, wait, there are pretty much infinite ways, but to hit the major sites, you end up taking a pretty similar route.

So in case you were wondering, SK Slavia Praha, my adopted fotbal (soccer) team, who I’ve seen twice but written about once, has a sister, brother, or distant second cousin in the HC Slavia Praha ice hokej team. Yes, hokej. Because J is pronounced as Y in Czech.

Even feeling a bit under the weather, how could a Nashville Preds fan (well, okay kind of, kind of Blackhawks, kind of don’t understand the rules of hockey anyways, but it’s fun to watch and I’m ‘loyal’ to my ‘home team’ wherever that is) turn down a free hokej game in Prague? I left about halfway through because I had the abovementioned CEA post to write, as well as some assignments for Sociology, and a Czech quiz I missed when I was sick(er) last week. So I don’t know if we won or not, but I know that it was a super-fun game! Check out how close our seats were:

Warming up…

And the real game!

Oh, and the cheerleaders (who hung out on the stairs in a different section? Even though we were smack-dab in the Slavia cheering section?) would randomly get up and dance to the music that included Papa Roach, Nickelback, Guns N Roses, YMCA, I Love Rock’n’Roll, and uh…. “Sexy and I know it.”

Anyways, while the hokej game was a great break from worrying about the schoolwork I missed, I have to get back to that, so that’s all for now folks!



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