Date: 12/26/12
Location: Parents’ House, Illinois
Mood: Sick AGAIN
Listening to: Papa Bear, “Inward Journey” trance mix.

Well I’ve been back in America less than two weeks- I’ve seen some of my hometown friends, spent a weekend in Massachusetts for Christmas with one side of the family, finished making and wrapping presents and celebrated again with the other side. I’ve been amazed that signs are in English and I can eavesdrop and have small talk with cashiers and waiters. I’ve gotten over jetlag (kind of) and gotten a cold. I’ve unpacked…. and repacked.

And that’s life. I went from living out of a suitcase in Prague, living out of a backpack for Paris and Venice weekends, to taking that same backpack to Grandma’s house, and that same suitcase is now full of swimsuits and shorts since we’re leaving tomorrow for a sunnier locale.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Nashville because it will be my home base for a while- my roommate and I signed a year lease, which I may break depending on where I get a job. Still, I’ll be in Nashville until I graduate in May, and probably through the summer at least. It will be nice to have a room of my own, shelves on which to place my objects without worrying if they’ll fit in my suitcase. I’m eternally wary of collecting too much stuff (I’m sure my mom would say I already have collected too much, considering the overflowing closet here at my parents’ house) because I simply don’t know where I’ll be in two years. But having a home base in Nashville will be great.

Once I buy a bed and set up Internet, of course.

So here’s a few things I appreciate about being back in America:
Most people speaking English, signs and food wrappers in English, one-stop stores like Target, my friends, access to a car and roads that aren’t cobblestoned. Washers AND dryers, no more doing laundry two days in advance. Being able to have conversations and see my friends, some of them at least.

Things I sort of miss about Prague/Europe:
Public transportation, super-cheap food, the sense of wonder that I was actually living abroad, ability to go to Paris and back for $150, my great American and European friends.

A few folks have asked me if, given the choice, I’d study abroad again. OF COURSE I would study abroad again… I’d just look into my options more. I’m thankful and blessed that I was able to go to Prague, but if I was doing it again, I’d take the country’s culture more into consideration, and think about going to a country where I had a little experience with the language.

Well, time to finish packing… Maybe I’ll post about the Carribean?

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