Date: Febuary 15, 2013
Location: Nashville, TN
Listening to: TV show
Mood: Excited

I’m not dead!!!
I know it’s been two months since I’ve posted and I know if this was a ‘real’ or more professional blog, that would spell death for it. Luckily enough, the readers of this blog consist of my mother, a couple of teachers, and my friends when I force links upon them, so maybe nobody noticed.

Anyways, the topic here is culture shock. They call it ‘reverse culture shock’ when you’re acclimating back to your home culture, but it’s still pretty shocky. Here’s the top five things that have stood out to me since being back in the good old USA.

  1. People talk about politics a lot. I mean, first Amendment and whatnot, but everyone is always freaking out about gun control or gay marriage or… actually, those are the two main ones in my friend group. Granted, I didn’t really talk to enough Czech people to do a statistical analysis, but dang, Americans talk about politics A LOT. 
  1. I miss the Czech dining environment. Basically, their servers are paid a living wage, as opposed to here where they make $2 an hour plus tips. I was vaguely irritated at IHOP the other day when my bill was plunked down before I was even finished eating. What, you mean I don’t get to sit here for another hour, talking about life? 
  1. Searching for a job is hard. Granted, for a lot of us, Study Abroad was kind of like a vacation, but I knew a few people who fell into jobs pretty easily, and I was offered an internship but it kind of fell through. I guess I could lump this in under the general ‘being a responsible adult’ instead of the study abroad company paying my bills, etc. 
  1. Driving is both stressful and convenient, but I miss public transportation. My only worry was missing the tramvaj, not gas, the fact that I’m not getting good mileage, washing the car because our parking spot is right under a bird family reunion, parking, etc. 
  1. Being able to speak the language is awesome. Asking the waitress or cashier how their day is going is amazing. Reading directions on food is great.

Anyways, I have a few more posts in the works: over New Years, my family went to the Caribbean; this weekend I’m road-tripping to North Carolina and am thinking about a road-trip post; and I just booked tickets to LA for spring break- thank goodness for frequent flier miles! See you all soon, and thank you for reading, despite my two-month absence.


2 thoughts on ““Reverse” Culture Shock: Back to Nashville!

  1. Dorothy Ann:
    Welcome back to life. I figured there was a one word explanation, l’Esperance. ‘Nuf said. I have another nephew, Mike Darché, Junior at N.D. who is doing this semester in Hong Kong and blogging his experiences. HK Chillin’. http://mdarche.wordpress.com/. Check out what the junior division is doing, he’s pretty funny. I look forward to you getting back to work. (From THE non-family member follower who your Mom requested I check out your blog.) Thanks Mom!

  2. Re: culture shock upon repatriating: everything you said—i.e., in a restaurant, being shocked at being able to understand the conversation in the next booth–people talking about their personal lives–feeling that you are involuntarily violating their privacy by hearing it, having to re-learn tuning it out. Missing the other place,
    felt in the heart. xoxo

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