Okay, so a little more explanation is required… this is something I thought of today, so it’s still in its very first stages of dreaming and tossing around ideas. However, most of my friends aren’t anywhere near me geographically, so rather than call or e-mail everyone individually, I made this video.

And yes, my hair is a big mess. I got off work, changed my shirt, sat down and recorded this.

Anyways, if you haven’t watched the video yet (I actually don’t know if this text will display above or below the video) do it now then come back here.

So that’s the idea. Visit a lot of, if not all of, the National Parks. Make some videos. Take my readers/viewers along with me virtually. Obviously there are a lot of barriers to overcome (the big one being $$$) but luckily I have plenty of time, energy, and passion, and so do some of my friends and some of my extended network. I love the Internet for this kind of thing- maybe one of this blog’s 3 readers has an uncle who’s a Park Ranger at Yellowstone, or knows someone who road-tripped through the Smokies. Maybe you share this post on your facebook page and someone who sees it THERE has some ideas. Maybe you love the idea so much, you’ll give me $10,000* to do it.

Hey, a girl can dream. Or make jokes.

Anyways, it’s almost 1am so I’m going to bed, and I’m excited to wake up to comments and responses, be they anything from ‘this is dumb and not thought out at all’ to ‘yes, you should do this, and I can help!’

*note: not actual budget. Budget hasn’t been created yet.

2 thoughts on “I have a map and I have a plan! (Sort of.)

  1. Best of luck on your endeavor! IMHO, there is no greater way to see American than from the window of a car, and there is nothing more American than heading west. I wish I had been able to travel the country with my friends out of high school or college, but sadly none of them shared with my my passion for road trips and National Parks. I’ve visited a lot of parks in a lot of states, and I’d be happy to share with you any of my “wisdom” on the matters of National Parks and Road Trips.

    I hope you’re able to do make this happen!

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