Date: May 20, 2013
Location: Nashville

Just a short update- planning is underway for what we are now officially calling…

The Great American Parks (GAP) Trip!

We love this title for a variety of reasons: “Great American Road Trips” are a thing, “American Parks” isn’t too far from “National Parks,” and best of all, a “gap year” is something that students take in between high school and college, college and grad school, or any form of school and ‘the real world.’

Another exciting announcement involves the pluralization of this entry… before I switched between “I” and “we” terms, but now it’s set in stone “we.” I have a partner in adventure, with experience backpacking, camping, and road-tripping, who’s interested in video, writing, nature, and history! I’m so excited! Her name is Louisa and if/when she sets up an official blog for this project, I’ll come back and link it here. There’s room for a third (perhaps even fourth!) but right now we’re proceeding as if it’s just the two of us.

We’re still struggling with logistics. At this point, gas looks like it will be around $3,000, but that depends on the route we take and how much driving around the parks we do. We’ve started this massive, beautiful spreadsheet with info on each of the parks and are downloading maps and guides from their official websites. We’re hoping to launch at least one of the legs this fall!

As plans get clearer, there will be more cross-posting between social media platforms (maybe I’ll finally get an instagram account) and the hashtag #GAPtrip will be used to keep it all organized. A revamp of this blog might be in order, too….

Anyways, just a short post to let my (3) readers know that we’re proceeding with this plan and it’s no longer “that weird road trip thing I’ve been dreaming about” but now the Great American Parks trip!


(please enjoy this professionally rendered and highly accurate map of the fall (blue) and spring (green) legs of the trip.)



2 thoughts on “What should we call this?

  1. Ooooo, Acadia, Shenandoah, Glacier, Olympic, Yosemite, Wrangell-St. Elias…I can’t even pick a favorite cuz they are all so wonderful. Hope it becomes reality. A.R.

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