Date: 1/18/2015
Location: Center Cottage, New York
Watching: House, MD
Mood: Anticipatory (is that a word?)

Well hello there reader(s)! Anybody out there? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog! Most of my adventures for the last year or two can be found at The Great American Parks Trip. For those of you who have forgotten, my wonderful friend Louisa and I took a road trip of the National Parks in the East Coast and Southwest. There haven’t been many posts on there since the summer of 2014, either. Since then I’ve earned my EMT certification, worked for a wonderful attorney, and found an internship doing trails work for a nonprofit that manages parks and preserves in the Hudson River Valley in New York.

Which brings us here! I start work on Tuesday, and want to ask my workplace if they’re cool with me naming them and some of the parks I’ll work in. I might even end up having a few blog posts on the website for the wonderful organization that set me up with this opportunity! But for safety’s sake (since I’ll be here for 10 months, don’t want any of you Inter Net Stalkers finding me) I won’t be naming the tiny town (more of a hamlet really) where I live. My housing situation is absolutely beautiful- a small cottage amid a cluster of similar picturesque Northeastern homes, so I’ve decided to name it Center Cottage.

It’s good to be back to the blogging universe, while this post isn’t the most exciting thing ever, I’m going to use it to once more, promote this blog, and hope that my friends and family will indulge me and subscribe to this blog or ‘like’ the facebook page even though there haven’t been posts there for two years! I’m back and I hope any new reader(s) will take a chance to poke through the archives (posts are almost all organized by location!)

Get excited for pictures and posts about the gorgeous Hudson River Valley!

3 thoughts on “Greetings from Center Cottage!

  1. Hey Dorothy: Good to hear from you and I look forward to your Jurassic Parks and Recreation updates. I had surgery about a week ago to repair a badly torn quad muscle. I’m down for the count for another five weeks or so and as a result, I’m amping-up my internet stalking activities to fill in the hours. Be well. Austin

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