Date: 1/26/2015
Location: Center Cottage, New York
Watching: House, MD (again)
Mood: Prepared

For those of you not in the Northeastern United States, WOW We are expecting a lot of snow! I had a great week at work last week, checking on trails and learning my way around. But this week started out interestingly. We were let out of the office early to prepare, because we’re going to get somewhere between one and two feet of snow, and news reports are saying things like “Blizzard” “Historic” and “Emergency!”

Don’t worry, we have plenty of flashlights, blankets, and non-perishable food. I look forward to getting out on my snowshoes and taking some deep snow photos tomorrow! Till then, here’s Terrence, our lovely guard snowman.



As you might have seen on the news, the predicted nor’easter went… east-er. Long Island and Massachusetts got hit much harder than we did, we only got about an inch of snow last night! Still, working from home today and thankful for a lot of interesting info from http://hudsonvalleyweather.com/ , who post different meterological models. They did use words like ‘historic’ but always qualified them with ‘this is one possibility,’ and are still getting angry comments from people who… wanted to spend the day shoveling and shivering, I guess?

Stay safe and warm everybody!


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