I’m sorry reader(s)! I’ve been terribly busy with work but wanted to share a moment from today. As the summer progresses I should also have before and after pictures from trailwork projects 🙂

Date: April 13, 2015
Location: Center Cottage
Mood: Tired

So, we FINALLY (with some snow showers on Easter Sunday) saw the tail end of Winter, and Spring has definitely sprung! The spring peepers are out in full force, so after work I dropped by the John Burroughs Sanctuary at Slabsides to pursue a new hobby of mine- geocaching.

For those of you who don’t know, John Burroughs (1837-1921) was a hugely important and poetic voice in the conservation movement- basically a big-time nature lover! Geocaching is a pastime that combines hidden treasure (or hidden watertight boxes with sign-in logs) with GPS signals and adventures. In other words, Burroughs and Geocaching combine perfectly at Slabsides, John Burroughs’ retreat. Originally a simple log cabin on 3 acres of land, it has grown to a 170-acre preserve with beautiful paths and views.

Click through for more pictures!

Slabsides (link to Wikipedia, opens in a new window), his cabin.

The pool in the foreground was full of spring peepers! Peep peep!

Beautiful rock steps along the trail!

I didn’t want to leave, but it started getting dark!

As far as caching went, I had my eye on four caches but only found two of them. One was much further into the woods than I thought and I didn’t want to get drained by mosquitos/ticks as it was approaching sunset, and the other I just had too much signal bounce (GPS couldn’t tell me where it was, basically.) I’ll be back to try those again, but the two I found were awesome, and hadn’t been found since Fall 2013!

If you’re in the Hudson Valley I highly recommend Slabsides, and if you’re anywhere with a gps or a smartphone and like looking for hidden things, I recommend Geocaching!

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