Hi reader(s)! Did you notice I had a guest post a few days ago over at Involuntary Adulthood? Involuntary Adulthood is a wonderful website by two of my friends from college, about the whole 20-something, adjusting from college life to real life struggle. It’s a great blog and I highly recommend you check it out! My guest post was about Americorps as a transition job/internship/volunteer gig between college and a ‘real job.’ At the end of the day, I do recommend Americorps, but it has its drawbacks. You didn’t see that I had a guest post? That’s probably because you don’t follow Dorothy Ann Writes on Facebook! You should get on that! I don’t like to clog up the site with too many ‘I did a guest post’ or ‘look at this picture’ posts, so I do those on the FB page!

Anyways, on to the meat of this post, this week I went to my first County Fair! I’d been to a little summer festival in my hometown, but the suburbs of Chicago don’t have quite the same amount of space and agriculture as the Hudson Valley!


For example, I’m pretty sure the petting zoo at my hometown fest had nothing on these adorable young cows! The kids who participate in 4H show their animals at the County Fair here.


And they are sooooooooooooooo cute!


Not to mention some of them are friendly! This is Megan, a fellow SCA, and Atlas, a draft horse!


You weren’t supposed to pet the goats because of risk of transmitting diseases, but they were fun to look at and talk to! Baaaah! This is the second time I’ve encountered goats this summer (the first time, they were mowing the lawn at Vassar Farms Ecological Preserve) and I think they’re great!


There were also things I had expected, like rides and games. This was the view from the top of the Ferris Wheel- we perfectly timed our visit so the lights were on and the view was pretty, but the lines weren’t too long.


Ferris Wheel selfie! I’m not sure why my face looks squished.


We made an effort at the carnival games, this one was too hard but the woman operating it had such a good sales pitch, it was worth it for the entertainment! “We had to increase the price to play because it’s so easy the kids were cleaning us out! We had to limit it to one prize per person per day!” Yeah, sure lady, that explains why neither Megan nor I got a prize from this one. Still, the sales patter is part of the reason to go to a fair!

20150730_210523Eventually at a different game, we won small prizes, which satisfied us.  Then (of course) we took unflattering selfies. Other attractions at the fair included popcorn, funnel cakes, kielbasa, bratwurst, lemonade, turkey legs… and across the street, there was an area for various competitions including tractor pulls, horse shows, fireworks and…


A truck pull! Neither Megan nor I had a good idea of what, exactly, a truck pull was, but we decided to check it out anyways. Turns out (I asked a random audience member) the trucks pull a ‘weight transfer sled’ (the blurry yellow and white thing in the center of the picture) as far as they can across the arena. While being pulled, the white block travels up an incline, placing more pressure on a plow-type thingy (technical term) on the front of the yellow thing, which increases resistance and makes it harder for the truck to pull. For an explanation with fewer uses of the word “thingy,” check out the wikipedia page. There are different classes like diesel, regular, and free-for-all. It was actually very exciting and Megan and I arbitrarily picked favorites and least favorites by the truck’s appearance and the driver’s hometown. One of the trucks managed to dig itself into a hole, and another popped a tire!

All in all, I would definitely go to a county fair again- there’s one across the river at the end of this month, and you can find me there, eating popcorn!


4 thoughts on “A Fair Day!

  1. County Fairs are the best. I love the baskets and the dyed wool, and the animal sheds, all of them. Ever seen the rabbits? Wowsah! They sometimes have rabbits that resemble everything from Siamese cats to Chinchilla.

    • There weren’t very many wool things at this fair but the county’s Sheep and Wool fest in the fall is already on my calendar since I’ve been into knitting! And I didn’t manage to get a picture but I saw one of these rabbits and stared at it for a few minutes: http://lionheadrabbit.com/
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Love county fairs. Used to go to the one in Northhampton. Entered 4H baking and sewing things. Played the games (throw a nickel and have it land completely inside a small circle) and the adults played the ponies!

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