Hi everyone! We had lots of events and adventures over the past week, so here are some pictures!


Last Tuesday was “A Day in the Life of the Hudson River.” Students and citizen scientists from Long Island to Albany come out to take measurements like tide, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, and (probably the students’ favorite part) check core samples and fish populations! We found an eel!20151020_133306

And some crabs!


On Friday we opened a new section of a trail. On a final walkthrough we found these super-cool mushrooms.


We also found a bittersweet (invasive) vine trying to strangle some trees. This vine is normally an inch or two thick, but I had to take a selfie with this gigantic specimen!


I went with my roommate to check cover boards- we didn’t end up checking this one because it had a guardian. The cover boards are placed through the woods at one of our parks to do a study of amphibians- we found a few newts, which was very exciting!


On Saturday, we teamed up with the Department of Environmental Conservation and SUNY New Paltz (nearby college) to plant some trees (remember the Trees for Tribs earth day project? Some of those trees went into the ground here!) and to do a bioengineering project to stop this streambank from eroding further.


The mesh we placed down will eventually biodegrade (it was made of natural plant fibers) but not before the trees and bushes we planted grow roots, which will anchor the streambank.

Another week down, just a few to go! Look forward to the final couple of weeks of this internship- just don’t ask what I’m doing next, because I’m still figuring that out.


4 thoughts on “A Week in Pictures!

  1. Do you have any mushroom experts available to let you know if you can pick & eat those mushrooms? They look interesting, but a little scary.

    • I sincerely doubt they’re edible! If they are, I’d prefer to leave them for their natural predators- foraging isn’t really encouraged in our parks, unless you’re a deer!

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