Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s December and my year with the SCA is over. On my way back to the midwest I stopped at Niagara Falls, which I had never seen before! My friend Renee was kind enough to show me around and even take a little walk to Canada with me!

So, the American side of Niagara falls is in a state park, and the Canadian side… well, it’s a bit more touristy. So we parked in the American side and walked towards the sound of LOUD RUSHING WATER.


Obviously my terrible cellphone pictures don’t begin to capture the majesty, but wow!


What’s a tourist destination without a really unflattering selfie?! Thanks, Renee, for making me look bad in comparison!


This shot is from the American side, looking at the Rainbow Bridge…


And this shot is from the Rainbow Bridge! America on the left, Canada on the right!


It’s not very legible, but “International Boundary Line” with America on the left and Canada on the right. That’s right, we walked to Canada!


They light up the Falls at night with super-powered spotlights from the Canadian side- I tried to capture how cool the lights look in all the mist the Falls kick up, but couldn’t quite get it. We walked back to America- the toll/ fee was only $0.50, American OR Canadian!

I’m extremely glad I finally got to check this site off my list of American (and Canadian!) wonders to visit! Someday I’ll get to Yellowstone, but for now, the National Parks on the east coast and in the southwest, plus this beauty, will have to do!

Finally, did you see Katherine’s post about spinning the #FluffyPuffs into yarn? No? It’s over here!


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