Sorry this site has been so dead lately! I’ve been up to shenanigans over at Backroom Whispering Productions– the podcast group I started with some friends and family. We discuss books with our monthly podcast The Book Table, talk about writing in Writers’ Nook, and we blog on the site! Most recently I wrote an entry about book reviews and my grandma’s toaster. Check it out!

We’re also very excited to be writing and recording an original fiction/fantasy podcast, which will be called Pycera, and debut within the next couple of months and monthly thereafter. I’ll make sure to post in here when the pilot is released!

On a more personal note, I’ve accepted another SCA/Americorps internship and will soon be moving cross-country (again!) So hopefully the adventures and nature pictures will return soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve been knitting up a storm (both overdue Christmas presents and things for myself.) Katherine sent me back the yarn she spun from the Fluffy Puffs I got at the Sheep and Wool Fest, and one of my amazing aunts sent me some gorgeous yarn dyed with all natural materials. So stay tuned and eventually I’ll post some finished projects with massive thanks for the ladies who made them possible!


One thought on “I’m still alive!

  1. Great to hear from you! I’m going to check out the links now. Can’t wait to read the “toaster” story! Love to you.

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