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Dorothy Ann.


By whatever name, I’m still the same person: a young woman who loves electronic dance music, travel, meeting people from different backgrounds, and seeing sights that make my jaw drop.

My sophomore year of college (2011) I went to Japan for three weeks. At first I bemoaned the journal requirements: in order to get class credit, we had to make daily (or near-daily, I think there was a set amount we needed to complete) journals about things we had covered in class and seen on excursions. As soon as I sat down to write my first entry, though, my old livejournal habit combined with my wanderlust and I was thrilled to do the assignment. I think I wrote more than required: you can find them [here].

Two years later I realized I was running out of time to go abroad again, so I chose one of the only places that offered classes I still needed: Prague, Czech Republic. Although the culture and I didn’t really get along, I loved writing about my adventures and weekend trips, landing a brief gig with CEA (Center for Education Abroad) blogging for their site.

A dream spawned: maybe, someday, I’ll be able travel to interesting places… and write about them. Perhaps someone will give me assignments, “Go to Amsterdam, find us the best pancakes,” and I’ll get on a plane the next day. Maybe. Maybe. You have to dream, right?

I’ll put my [resume] somewhere on this site, but the school stuff:
Belmont University Nashville TN Marketing 2013
The Madeira School McLean VA 2009
Avery Coonley School Downers Grove IL 2005


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