If you want to write a guest post for Dorothy Ann Writes…. well, is your name Dorothy Ann? I didn’t think so!
Just joking- it might be interesting to have a guest post. Shoot me an e-mail at mcqudor@gmail.com.

But the real purpose of this page is to keep track of guest posts I’ve written for other blogs or sites! So here they are! It goes without saying that I highly recommend these other sites, because they have such good taste in guest posters, and are good sites in general.

“What is Americorps?” Involuntary Adulthood 7/27/2015. (A guest post on a “becoming an adult” website, about Americorps as a possible post-college gig.)
“What’s Jamming?” An Odyssey of Flavors 7/25/2015. (This post, on a food/cooking blog, discusses my first time making jam.)

CEA MOJO blog posts: while I was in Prague in Fall 2012, I was able to post entries and videos to my study abroad organization’s website. Some of those are linked in regular posts on this blog but they changed their website’s format so some of those links are dead. So here are some favorites:
“Introduction (and goodbye) to Prague” 12/11/2012
“What Happens After Prague?” 12/4/2012
Praha Pěšky (Prague by Foot)” 11/20/2012
“A CEA MOJO In Prague Visits Poland” 11/12/2012
“(Delicious) Active Learning, From Your CEA MOJO in Prague!” 10/30/2012


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